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Fuzzy Bear Trolling Spoons
for Steelhead and Salmon

Regular 3 3/4 inches long
Magnum 4 3/4 inches long

Fuzzy Bear Trolling Spoons have been used on Southern Lake Michigan for years. They have helped win many tournaments. Recently, Dreamweaver Lure Co. has added Fuzzy Bear Spoons to their list of tournament winning products. Dreamweaver working with Carl "Fuzzy Bear" himself, continues to maintain the quality of the original Fuzzy Bear Trolling Spoons. Some of the Fuzzy Bear Spoons are considered by tournament winning Captains to be the best Steelhead Trolling Spoons ever made: Buffalo Bill, Hot Red, Big B, Red B, Hot Pants, Skamania Tammer and others are proven Steelhead killers. Many of the others including the Super Glows are also deadly for Salmon and Trout.
FB50001Fuzzy Bear Spoon - Buffalo Bill

"the greatest Steelhead spoon ever made"
FB50002Fuzzy Bear Spoon - Hot Red

FB50003Fuzzy Bear Spoon - Big B

FB50004Fuzzy Bear Spoon - Red B

FB50007Fuzzy Bear Spoon - Fuzzy Glow

FB50009Fuzzy Bear Spoon - Smash Mouth

FB50015Fuzzy Bear Spoon - Orange Crush

FB50022Fuzzy Bear Spoon - Carmel Dolphin

aka Sister Sledge
FB50026Fuzzy Bear Spoon - Yellow Tail

Super Glow Finish
FB50026MFuzzy Bear Spoon - Magnum Yellow Tail

Super Glow Finish
FB50027Fuzzy Bear Spoon - Blue Dolphin

FB50027MFuzzy Bear Spoon - Magnum Blue Dolphin

FB50029Fuzzy Bear Spoon - Green Dolphin

FB50029MFuzzy Bear Spoon - Magnum Green Dolphin

FB50039Fuzzy Bear Spoon - Glow Toad

Super Glow Finish
FB50039MFuzzy Bear Spoon - Magnum Glow Toad

Super Glow Finish
FB50041MFuzzy Bear Spoon - Magnum Kevorkian

FB50046Fuzzy Bear Spoon - Double Orange Crush Gold

FB50061Fuzzy Bear Spoon - Artic Dolphin

FB50067Fuzzy Bear Spoon - Blue Goose


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