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Fishing Line Releases

Several different types of releases are used with downriggers to release when a fish hits or to add fixed and free sliders (stacking extra lures on the fishing line); to drop or add inline removable weights; release tension from dipsy divers or planer boards; and many other uses.

    Blacks Releases for Downriggers, Outriggers, and KitesBlacks Releases for Downriggers, Outriggers, and Kites
    Big Jon Jettison ReleaseFor use with drop weights, sliding weights and other applications..
    Big Jon Otter Release The Big Jon Otter Release is an all purpose release that can be used on in-line planers, planer rigger systems or adapted for downrigging.
    Cannon Quick ReleaseThe Cannon Quick Release is quick and easy to use with no twisting, winding, or looping to damage your line. Adjustable tension lets you match your line weight and fishing style.
    Cannon Uni-Line Release and Stacker ReleaseThe Cannon Uni-Line Release has two adjustment points to allow tension settings from 2 to 22 lbs. Perfect for slow trolling with live baits or going after light hitting walleyes. The Uni-Line Release is an easy one hand tension release for use on any test line in saltwater or freshwater. The Uni-Line Stacker Release has an extra stacker clip to allow fishing at multiple depths off a single weight.
    Church Releases and Replacement PartsChurch Releases and Replacement Parts
    Dreamweaver Action StackersDreamweaver action stackers are used to attach a free slider line to a downrigger rod. The action slider puts tension on the slider when a fish hits giving better hookup rates.
    Du-Bro Pro Series Downrigger Release ClipDu-Bro Downrigger Release Clips are rust resistant and feature an E/Z Adjust Tension Screw for fine tuning of line release tension.
    Legendary Products Fixed Slider Elberta CliperThe Fixed Slider is an efficient way to go after fish at a pre-determined depth. The Fixed Slider stays where it is positioned until a strike occurs and a fish is hooked. The fixed slider then slides down the line, releases from the downrigger and continues to the primary lure.
    Legendary Products Free Slider Elberta CliperThe Free Slider is the easy way to go after fish at an undetermined depth. The free slider locates itself at the belly of the line in relation to the location of the primary lure.
    Legendary Products Pin Popper ReleasePin Popper release used for dropping weights and releasing from divers and planer boards.
    Legendary Products Sinker Cliper Elberta CliperUsing the Sinker Clip'er, a variety of different size weight and shapes can be easily removed or interchanged. This accomodates changing conditions, and bottom bouncing structures, and allows for more productive fishing.
    Offshore Downrigger ReleasesOffshore Downrigger releases come in several sizes with adjustable tension settings. Several models can be used for stacking multiple fishing lines on the same downrigger cable.
    Scotty Downrigger and Planer Board ReleasesScotty Downrigger and Planer Board Releases come in several sizes with adjustable tension settings.

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