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Dreamweaver UV Super Slim
Trolling Spoons
for Steelhead and Salmon

Dreamweaver UV Super Slim Trolling Spoons

3 3/4 inches long and
only 3/4 of an inch wide

Tournament Fisherman of every caliber have been plagued with the same problem for years: catching Steelhead consistently. Dreamweaver holds a tremendous respect for steelhead and their cunning ability to avoid traditional styled lures and spoons. Many a fisherman has been humbled by their elusive feeding patterns.

Dreamweaver has recongnzed that like all efficient predators, Steelhead approach their prey from above. This discovery has led to the creation of the new line of Super Slim trolling spoons. The Dreamweaver Super Slim Trolling Spoons have a unique side stepping action that Steelhead, Coho and Chinook Salmon can not resist.

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SSUV-0198Dreamweaver UV Super Slim Spoon - Capt Gary Dolphin

SSUV-0654Dreamweaver UV Super Slim Spoon - Watermelon

SSUV-1102Dreamweaver UV Super Slim Spoon - Green Dolphin

SSUV-1104Dreamweaver UV Super Slim Spoon - Blue Dolphin

SSUV-1314Dreamweaver UV Super Slim Spoon - Lemon Ice

SSUV-1322Dreamweaver UV Super Slim Spoon - Carmel Dolphin

SSUV-1355Dreamweaver UV Super Slim Spoon - Mixed Veggies

SSUV-1411Dreamweaver UV Super Slim Spoon - Orange Slurpee

SSUV-1413Dreamweaver UV Super Slim Spoon - Showcar

SSUV-1414Dreamweaver UV Super Slim Spoon - Sexy Veggie

SSUV-1415Dreamweaver UV Super Slim Spoon - Wrecking Ball

SSUV-1416Dreamweaver UV Super Slim Spoon - 3 days at Sea

SSUV-1417Dreamweaver UV Super Slim Spoon - Scurvey Dawg

SSUV-1418Dreamweaver UV Super Slim Spoon - Producer

SSUV-1662Dreamweaver UV Super Slim Spoon - Jager Bomb

SSUV-1908Dreamweaver UV Super Slim Spoon - Super Glow Bloody Nose

SSUV-1909Dreamweaver UV Super Slim Spoon - Super Glow Beef Eater

SSUV-1931Dreamweaver UV Super Slim Spoon - Super Glow Shiznit

SSUV-1951Dreamweaver UV Super Slim Spoon - Super Glow Green Jeans

SSUV-1952Dreamweaver UV Super Slim Spoon - Super Glow Blue Jeans


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