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Dreamweaver Deeper Diver

(formally know as the: Walker Deeper Diver,
Lurk Divers, and Disco Divers)
Large size # 107 - 4 1/4 inches wide
Extra Large size # 124 - 4 7/8 inches wide

The Deeper Divers round shape and resulting multi-directional feature sets the Deeper Diver apart from other divers and planners. The feature is made possible by the moulded in base plate weight that can be rotated in degrees. A shift to the right or left, as indicated on the base plate arrow, will cause the diver to track to the port or to starboard. A diving ring is not used on the Deeper Diver.
DD107-BLDeeper Diver size 107 - Black

DD124-BLDeeper Diver size 124 - Black

DD107-CLDeeper Diver size 107 - Clear

DD24-CLDeeper Diver size 124 - Clear

DD107-CUVDeeper Diver size 107 - UV Clear

DD124-CUVDeeper Diver size 124 - UV Clear

DD107-SDeeper Diver size 107 - Silver

DD124-SDeeper Diver size 124 - Silver

DD107-GTDeeper Diver size 107 - Green Tiger

DD124-GTDeeper Diver size 124 - Green Tiger

DD107-OTDeeper Diver size 107 - Orange Tiger

DD124-OTDeeper Diver size 124 - Orange Tiger


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