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Cured Salmon Roe and Preserved
Salmon, Trout, and Steelhead Eggs

Salmon or Trout eggs are among the most effective baits for enticing Salmon, Steelhead and Trout to bite. When spawning fish are active in the streams, rivers, shoreline, or harbors they will often ignore all other baits and lures. Just float a egg spawn sack or cured skein past and tempt the salmon to hit. Do not forget that other trout, steelhead and salmon are waiting to eat the eggs from the spawning salmon.

    Atlas Mikes Cured Salmon RoeAtlas Mikes cured premium natural salmon egg skeins, vacuum packed. Needs no refrigeration.
    Atlas Big Boy Salmon EggsAtlas Big Boy Salmon Eggs are top quality eggs put through a special process creating a large jumbo sized salmon egg.
    Atlas Chinook Salmon EggsAtlas cured Chinook Salmon eggs, single preserved eggs in a jar.
    Atlas Garlic flavored Salmon EggsAtlas Garlic flavored salmon eggs are made with premimum cured salmon eggs that are packed in Garlic Oil for added flavor.
    Atlas King Deluxe Salmon EggsAtlas King Deluxe Salmon Eggs are extra large and have the properties requested by experienced salmon fishermen.
    Atlas Mikes Mr Trout EggsAtlas Mikes Mr. Trout eggs are sugar cured and a proven trout getter.
    Atlas Shrimp flavored Salmon EggsAtlas Shrimp flavored salmon eggs are made with premimum cured salmon eggs that are packed in Shrimp Oil for added flavor.
    Atlas Steelhead EggsAtlas Steelhead Eggs are the size of steelhead eggs and are perfect for trout and steelhead.
    Atlas Spawn SacsAtlas Spawn Sacs are hand tied in soft nylon mesh.
    Atlas Trout SacsAtlas Trout Sacs are hand tied in soft nylon mesh.

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collecting eggs and roe,
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Salmon or Trout Eggs

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