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Best Chance Too Charters DVD
Heavy Metal - Trolling with Copper

Best Chance Too Charters DVD - Heavy Metal - Trolling with Copper
Captains Dave Engle and Bill Bale of Best Chance Too Charters are the number 1 winning Salmon and Trout sportsfishing team in the Great Lakes. They have won over 40 salmon and trout fishing tournaments and have won tournaments in each of the four states that border Lake Michigan. In this DVD you will learn salmon and trout trolling tips and techniques using copper fishing wire used by these successful captains. Topics include:
  • Copper Rods and Reels
  • Tying knots in Copper fishing line
  • Setting and retrieving copper lines
  • Successful copper techniques
  • Depth charts and reel backing line information
  • Tackle and Lures used with copper
  • and more
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    BC-DVD2Best Chance Too DVD - Heavy Metal - Trolling with Copper


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