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Berkley TEC Trigger Fish Grip with Scale

Berkley TEC Fishing Grip with Scale
The Berkley TEC fish grip with scale is the most secure way to control and weigh big active fish with minimal stress. The Berkley TEC Locking Trigger Grip with built in scale are the only fishing lip grips on the market that offer a Single Trigger action. Most fish grips require pressure from two fingers. The Single Trigger is much more comfortable, and far more secure while holding fish. Oversize stainless steel locking jaws resists corrosion in salt or freshwater, and will not release accidentally. A Softorx handles add to the tools comfort and gives a non-slip grip. The integrated scale can be used to measure fish up to 30 pounds. The scale has accurate measurements to half a pound.
BK-TTGSBerkley TEC Trigger Fish Grip with Scale


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