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Berkley Powerbait 4 inch
Hollow Belly Swimbait

Berkley Powerbait 4 inch Hollow Belly Swimbait

4 inches long, 3 per package
Finesse bait for your favorite fish

The HOTTEST NEW SWIM BAIT ON THE MARKET. The all new Berkley PowerBait Hollow Belly swim bait has been field tested and tweaked by the top Berkley Pro's in order to give themselves a significant competitive advantage on this year's tour. As if the PowerBait scent and attractant weren't competitive advantage enough all by itself, this new Hollow Belly bait is loaded with other features as well that has made it the "choice of champions" when conditions call for a super swim bait. First of all, unlike most other swim baits on the market, the body is truly hollow from nose to tail, and easily collapses around the hook when bit to insure a solid hook set. Its oversized paddle tail creates an unbelievable, natural swim bait action. With its realistic eyes, lifelike colors, and soft texture, the Hollow Belly truly mimics a live baitfish swimming in its natural environment. The Powerbait Hollow Belly swim baits come packed with three baits, a wide gap hook, a treble hook, a bullet weight, a swivel, plastic tubing, and a split ring. Also included in the package are diagrams and instructions on how to rig them as a Texas Rig or Open Water Rig. Give yourself the same significant competitive advantage as the Pro's.

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