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Berkley Power Bait
Micro Trout Worm

Berkley Trout BaitŪ is absolutely the best bait ever made for trout. If you could only have one bait to fish for the rest of your life, this would be it, no question. There's no better way to CATCH MORE TROUT! There are shapes and presentations for almost any situation. It's convenient and easy to use. And it's biodegradable, and friendly to the environment. Berkley Trout Bait. Don't wet your line without it.

A tiny 3" Power Worm with a lively action that replicates the trout attracting features of small worms and other forage. Available in popular trout colors. There are 10 worms in each package.
BK-MTW3-BGMBerkley Micro Trout Worm - Bubblegum

BK-MTW3-CHBerkley Micro Trout Worm - Chartreuse

BK-MTW3-CSBerkley Micro Trout Worm - Chartreuse Shad

BK-MTW3-CZBerkley Micro Trout Worm - Cheese

BK-MTW3-GCHBerkley Micro Trout Worm - Green Chartreuse

BK-MTW3-NATBerkley Micro Trout Worm - Natural

BK-MTW3-FOBerkley Micro Trout Worm - Orange

BK-MTW3-OPLBerkley Micro Trout Worm - Orange Peel

BK-MTW3-PSDBerkley Micro Trout Worm - Pink Shad

BK-MTW3-PSBerkley Micro Trout Worm - Pumpkinseed

BK-MTW3-FRBerkley Micro Trout Worm - Red

BK-MTW3-WHBerkley Micro Trout Worm - White

BK-MTW3-YEOBerkley Micro Trout Worm - Yellow Orange

BK-MTW3-YPRBerkley Micro Trout Worm - Yellow Pearl


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