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Attractors, Schoolies and Lake Trolls
for Salmon, Trout and other Fish

Using Attractors, Schoolies, and Lake Trolls has been popular for many decades because they attract fish. Luhr Jensen and several other companies make a wide variety of lake trolls and schoolies. Lake Trolls are especially effective in deep, murky waters or on overcast days. The basic difference between lake trolls is in the number and the shape of the blades, and the length of the shaft or cable. The shape of a blade will determine how fast it will rotate and the particular sound vibrations it will produce. A round or oval blade, such as a Colorado blade, swings slow and wide from the shaft while narrow blades like the Willow Leaf spin fast and close to the shaft. Narrow bladed trolls are best suited for fast trolling as they have less water resistance. The 6 pak Schoolies have a narrow blade that resembles a bait fish. Lake Trolls appeal to several fish feeding instincts. In addition to producing flash and other visual attraction, a rotating blade gives off vibrations underwater that make fish think they are finding and approaching a school of baitfish.

Most Lake Trolls consists of a rudder at the front end which prevents line twist, a series of free-swinging blades on a wire cable or shaft and a swivel to which you tie a leader. From the end of the troll, the leader should extend at least 12 inches back to the lure (many anglers prefer leaders of 12 to 18 inches, but they may range clear up to five or six feet). When trolled, the blades act as attractors; fish follow the flash and sound to the source and spot the trailing lure. Most fish will attack the trailer, straggler, or last bait fish in a group. Larger blades should be used for deep trolling or murky water. Clear water or depths of 10 to 20 feet require fewer, smaller blades. Nickel finishes work best on bright days or in clear water, while Brass and Hammered finishes produce better in murky, deep or brackish (tea-colored) water. Brass, 50/50 Brass-Nickel, or Hammered finishes work well when skies are overcast.

Lake trolls or schoolies can be attached clean, without any lures attached, to your downriggers. They can be used with just about any lure or bait. Trolling spoons; Body baits like: Challenger Lynx, Rapala, J-Plugs; Wobbling plugs like: Peanuts, Wobble Glo's, Kwikfish; and live bait or Berkley Power Bait worms and grubs are popular baits used with Lake Trolls
    Echip KitsEchip kits with electronic EChip technology. The electric emission duplicates the nerve discharge of a wounded baitfish.
    CAGI Fish CallThe CAGI Fish Call is a sound emitting device designed to attract fish from up to 100 meters away. A far greater distance than any visual stimulation can do. It attaches to your line up to 18" ahead of your favorite lure or bait.
    Luhr Jensen Cowbell Lake TrollThe Luhr Jensen Cowbell Lake Trolls use wide blades to call in fish with a disco ball light reflection and vibration.
    Luhr Jensen 6-pak Schoolie FlasherLuhr Jensen 6 pak Schoolie Flasher imitates a swimming school of baitfish.
    Luhr Jensen Dave Davis Lake TrollsLuhr Jensen Dave Davis Lake Trolls have large hammered blades on stainless steel wire and flexible cable.
    Michigan Stinger Fish RigThe Michigan Stinger Fish Rig is a deadly trolling rig for Lake Trout, other Trout and Salmon. The Stinger Fish Rig has been adapted for freshwater use based on the umbrella rig concept used successfully for saltwater trolling for years
    Moonshine Lures - Moon BellsMoon Bells cowbells have super glow blades. Moonshine Moon Bell cowbells are some of the brightest glowing lures available.
    WTP Fish StripsWTP Fish strips are holographic images of bait fish imbeded in a plastic strip.

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