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atlas mikes

Atlas Mikes Mr Trout Eggs
Sugar Cured
For Salmon, Steelhead and Trout

atlas mikes Mr Trout eggs

Atlas Mikes Mr Trout eggs have been a proven bait for over 65 years. Atlas Mr Trout Eggs are top quality eggs put through a special sugar curing process creating a large jumbo sized salmon egg. The process produces a soft centered egg with excellent milking action that trout can not resist. Salmon eggs are carefully treated to retain natural qualities. Soft enough to entice trout to bite yet firm and elastic enough to stay on the hook when fishing in fast moving waters.

AT-MR-OAtlas Mr Trout Eggs - Orange

AT-MR-PAtlas Mr Trout Eggs - Pink

AT-MR-RAtlas Mr Trout Eggs - Red

AT-MR-YAtlas Mr Trout Eggs - Yellow


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making spawn sacks,
collecting eggs and roe,
curing and preserving
Salmon or Trout Eggs

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