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Fishing Lake Michigan in Waukegan, Illinois

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Fishing Lake Michigan
in Waukegan, Illinois

     Friday, April 03, 2020
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Waukegan, Illinois

Waukegan is located on the western side of Lake Michigan, about 40 miles north of Chicago, Illinois. The French explorers Marquette and Joliet landed here in 1673 when exploring Lake Michigan. In 1675, the french built a stockade and trading post which was known as Little Fort. In 1849, the village was renamed Waukegan, which is based on a Potawatomi Indian word for "fort" or "house". Waukegan was the home to comedian Jack Benny and science fiction writer Ray Bradbury.

To travel to the City of Waukegan, take Highway 132 (Grand Ave) east from I-94. Grand Ave ends at Waukegan Harbor.

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Waukegan Shore Fishing locations are marked by numbers in the yellow circles on the map below: Click on an area for more detailed information.
  1. Waukegan Power Plant.
  2. Johnson Pier.
  3. Waukegan Harbor.
  4. Government Pier.
  5. Waukegan Marina.
  6. South Rocks.

Waukegan Links:
  • Waukegan Harbor
  • Waukegan Harbor Citizens Advisory
  • Waukegan Web

    Local Bait and Tackle shops:
  • Salmon Stop, 1019 Belvidere St, Waukegan
  • Lake Michigan Angler, 1038 Sheridan Rd, Winthrop Harbor

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