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Fishing Lake Michigan in Kenosha, Wisconsin

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Fishing Lake Michigan
in Kenosha, Wisconsin

     Wednesday, January 22, 2020
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Kenosha, Wisconsin

Kenosha is located on the western side of Lake Michigan near the Illinois / Wisconsin border. Originally known as Pike Creek, the city's name was changed to Southport to reflect the importance of early maritime commerce on Lake Michigan. In 1850, the city was incorporated and renamed Kenosha, which is based on a Potawatomi Indian word "kenozio" for Northern Pike. Kenosha was the home to the Nash Motor Company, Simmons Mattress and American Motors. Several other companies are located in the city: Jockey International, Daimler Chrysler Corp, Ocean Spray, SnapOn Tools and G. LeBlanc Corp.

To travel to the City of Kenosha, take Highway 158 (52nd Street) east from I-94. 52nd Street ends at Kenosha Harbor.

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Kenosha Shore Fishing locations are marked by numbers in the yellow circles on the map below: Click on an area for more detailed information.
  1. Pike River mouth.
  2. Inner Harbor.
  3. Harbor at the Holiday Inn.
  4. Harbor at the Pike Creek mouth.
  5. Harbor off 54th Street.
  6. North Pier.
  7. South Pier.
  8. North wall Southport Marina.
  9. Fishermans Access in Southport Marina.
  10. South wall Southport Marina.

Map from the Kenosha Area Convention & Visitors Bureau

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