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Lake Michigan Fishing Seminars

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Lake Michigan Fishing Seminars
Great Lakes Angler Super Salmon Clinic
February 9, 2013

     Wednesday, April 01, 2020
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Great Lakes Angler Super Salmon Clinic

Captain Dan Keating Dave Mull
The Great Lakes Angler Super Salmon Schools presented by Capt. Dan Keating and outdoor communicator Dave Mull. The full day clinic will cost $60.00 and includes a free goodie bag and lunch that will be provided.
Pre-registration is required to reserve a seat at the GLA Super Salmon Clinic. For more details, and to reserve a spot:
Call Captain Dan Keating at 847-395-5730.

February 9, 2013 Clinic Information, Schedule and Topics:

  • GLA Super Salmon Clinic. Cost $60.00
    (includes lunch and a goodie bag with salmon tackle).
    Call 847-395-5730 to register.
  • Open at 8:00am - Registration
  • The Clinic starts at 9:00am
  • Super Salmon Clinic Topics Include:
    • Way Deep Kings
    • Proven Steelhead Spreads
    • Targeting Negative Kings Throughout the Day
    • Discerning and Responding to Currents
    • Meat Presentations
    • Integrating "Traditional" Tactics w/Cutting Edge Tactics
    • How to Locate Fish
    • Lure Selection
    • Trailer Boat Spreads and Boat Control

  • In Store Specials, Door Prizes and a raffle will be available.

Currently the seminars are not available online.

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