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Lake Michigan Fishing Seminars

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Learn Lake Michigan Fishing
February 2, 2019

     Friday, April 03, 2020
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Learn Lake Michigan Fishing

Learn Lake Michigan Fishing

Capt. Ralph Steiger - Charter Fishing
and Caleb Weiner of Migrator Charters

Detailed fishing information for salmon and trout fishing on the Great Lakes. Learn how to become a better fisherman and make your time on the water count. Everything from locations, techniques, bait choice, and tackle will be covered in detail. Hosted by Capt. Ralph Steiger and Capt. Caleb Weiner.

Time: Doors open at 8 AM, seminar starts at 9:00 AM till 12:30 PM
  • Jigging for early spring lake trout
  • Casting for spring coho salmon and brown trout
  • Early spring trolling bait choices and location
  • Transitions into deep water fishing
  • Inshore and offshore steelhead techniques
  • Deep water techniques for salmon and trout
  • Understanding lure choice, currents, trolling speeds, and water temperatures, in deep water
  • How and when to fish flasher/fly combos, dodger/fly combos, spoons, body baits, and meat rigs.
  • Choosing the right spread for target species and depth of water
  • Casting and trolling for fall king salmon
  • Jigging and trolling patterns for fall lake trout
Cost: $40 dollars per person or two person special of $60 dollars

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Currently the seminars are not available online.

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