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     Wednesday, April 01, 2020
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Website Awards

What is a website award?

A website award is an award from one websiteWebsite Award from to another website. The awards are given as recognition for the countless hours spent creating, developing, and maintaining a website by their peers, the other webmasters. In appreciation for their willingness to freely share tips, information, techniques, and fishing secrets with the fishing and internet communities at large. We have created a Lake Michigan Angler award that will be awarded to fishing related websites.

Top Website Award from
We have also created a Top Internet Fishing website award that will be given out to websites that we consided to be one of the Top Rated Internet Fishing websites. Those sites that qualify for the Top Site award share extensive amounts of knowledge.

The process is to submit your site for recognition and you will then receive an email confirmation with instructions back from us. Submit Website for review

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