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brown trout, lake trout, steelhead, chinook and coho salmon

Lake Michigan Fishing Charters and Guides
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     Friday, October 18, 2019
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Lake Michigan fishing charters and guide web sites can be added to our directory listing:

  1. Send an Email to    with the url address of the link, attach a picture of your boat, your home port and the url address of your web site or page.
  2. Send an Letter to:
    Lake Michigan Angler
    1038 Sheridan Rd
    Winthrop Harbor, IL 60096

    Enclose a check for $50.00 for a submission fee. If you fish from two ports in different states and want to be listed separately in both states (two listings), then enclose a check for $100.00. A yearly fee of $25.00 will be required per listing.
  3. Order of charter listings within a state will be determined by ranking your contributions to the Lake Michigan Angler web site.
    • Links to on your web site.
    • Links to our tackle shop on your web site.
    • Pro Staff or Field Testers.
    • Contributing Fishing Tips and or Techniques Articles.
    • Other contributions.
    • Contact us for details for our ranking program.

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